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Step up to LED The advantages of LED (Light Emitting Diode) make conventional lighting pale into insignificance. - 10 to 15 times less power draw than equivalent incandescent navigation lights - Minimal heat build up, so gasket and sealing designs do not have to allow for significant expansion and contraction - Vibration resistance. Planning hulls subject navigation lights to sustained pounding. Hot fragile incandescent bulb filaments are very susceptible to breaking with the constant vibration and pounding experienced at high speed and by small craft. LEDs on the other hand are solid state and have no hot fragile filaments to fail - LED navigation lights are multi cluster LEDs; there are multiple LEDs in each light, so in the unlikely event that one LED should fail the navigation light is still operational to get you to your destination safely. With incandescent lighting, when the bulb blows you have no navigation light Navigation Lights - Compact Side Mount Side mount, port and starboard