Aquacote Clear Trial Kit 315mm

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This kit is designed to provide you with samples to allow you to try out our Clear System. This is a clear coating system for timber on boats which is capable of lasting for years. We say that it will last for 3 years without needing recoating* how-ever we know of examples which have lasted much longer.

Unlike varnishes and other clear coatings which have to be redone every few months, this really can stay looking good for an extended period.

The secret to clear system is a good and proper sealing up of the timber with epoxy, all round with no thin spots so that the moisture content does not vary. The epoxy is then protected from UV light and mechanical damage by the Aquacote Clear two pack water based polyurethane paint.

Our Clear System was a standout performer in the Crusing Helsman trials of clear finishes reported on in May 2009.

The kit contains 120ml of Bote-Cote resin, 60ml of Bote-Cote Standard Hardener, 120ml of Aquacote Top Coat Clear plus 15ml of Aquacote Cross Linker. It also contains Bote-Cote instructions, Aquacote Instructions plus and Aquacote Colour Card.

*The life depends on following the instructions fully and acheiving a sufficient film thickness of epoxy which completely encapsulates the timber.