Bote-Cote 6 Litre Epoxy Kit

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This Kit contains Standard Hardner. Please contact us if you require an alternate hardner as listed below.

Australia's premium amine blush free marine coating and boat building epoxy. A 2:1 epoxy, this contains 4 litres of Resin and 2litres of Hardener. Select from Fast (for cold conditions) Standard, Tropical (for warm conditions), Equatorial (for etremely warm conditions) and Non Yellowing Hardener (when you are going to finish the job with a clear top coat. Choose Carbon Fibre resin if you are using Carbon Fibre (etc) reinforcements, otherwise chose normal resin, it is crystal clear. Please see our information sheet for a list of the real advantages of using the BoteCote premium epoxy system. Please note we sell our epoxy by volume, if we sold it by weight it would be an approximately 6.8 kg kit.

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