Liros D-Pro Dyneema® SK78-8mm blue

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8mm Dyneema® Rope is available in a range of colours, D-Pro is 12-plaited, heat-set and coated Dyneema® SK78.

LIROS Heat-Stretch-System guarantees optimal breaking loads and stretch characteristics of this line.

Perfect as a replacement for steel cabling in technical applications.

Excellent chafing resistance, lightweight, and easy spliceability make this line irreplaceable in all sorts of applications on racing boats of any size.

  • working stretch < 1 %
  • very high breaking load with small diameter and very low weight
  • first choice for any application under extreme loads
  • very spliceable
  • highly UV stable and chafe resistant
  • LIROS Heat-Stretch-System
  • Bio-Based Dyneema®
  • Breaking Strength: 5300kg