Liros Magic Pro 6mm

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LIROS Magic Pro combines all of the best characteristics with extreme low stretch. Outstanding block performance, enabling ultra-fast manoeuvres.

The core is coated and specially treated with LIROS Heat-Stretch-System. The Cover is made of a special Polyester grip fibre /spun-dyed Polyester mix for optimal control and perfect handling in manoeuvres.

A halyard or a sheet designed for dinghies, catamarans and sports boats. The low stretch characteristics are delivered by the LIROS Dyneema® Pro core. Designed to be used with the cover stripped. The cover needs only to be used where the rope is being handled.

  • grip factor 9
  • precise cover construction for excellent hold in cleats and on winches
  • outstanding block performance, enabling ultra-fast manoeuvres
  • specialised Polyester grip fibres for optimal control in any conditions, perfect handling through manoeuvres
  • ideal for cover-stripping
  • LIROS Heat-Stretch-System for lowest stretch
  • LIROS Coating System
  • Bio-based Dyneema®

SKU: LR01507-6

Cover: Polyester grip fibres and spun-dyed Polyester mix

Core: Dyneema® SK78 with coloured LIROS XTR Grip coating

Construction: 16 plaited

Breaking Strength: 1800kg

Working Stretch: < 1.5%