Wooden Boatbuilding – Adlard Coles Classic Boat Series

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Aimed at the novice looking to either build or restore a traditional boat, this book takes a uniquely modern approach by using up-to-date techniques and methods throughout.
Wooden boat building is a classic craft that is thriving amongst professional craftsmen and DIY boatbuilders with an interest in traditional boats. This thoroughly modern book, aimed at the novice builder, takes a fresh new approach to a timeless activity. The focus is on classic boat construction and restoration, but at all stages modern methods, materials and techniques are employed, together with step-by-step diagrams and explanations.
Well illustrated with colour photos and detailed close-up watercolour illustrations, this book will be invaluable for students of boat design and construction, do-it-yourself boatbuilders and even modelmakers. A landmark in wooden boat building books.
This is the inaugural title in an exclusive new series of books from Adlard Coles about traditional boats and traditional seamanship.
‘A good affordable introduction to the subject for amateur builders, students of boatbuilding and even model-makers. Well illustrated, and focusing on modern methods and techniques – unique among such books. Very attractive.’ Pete Greenfield, Editor of Watercraft magazine

PB 127 pages